Cost For Commercial Fit Outs

Factors That Lead To Increase In Cost For Commercial Fit Outs In Melbourne

Whenever undertaking office refurbishments or office fit out, several errors made can lead to an increase in costs.

As a result, I will show you these errors and how to avoid them to reduce your Melbourne commercial fit-out costs. These are explained as follows:

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A poor tender process

If you don’t spend enough time to conduct a full and proper tender process, you will end up making an error that increases the final price of the project.

To avoid this, you need to get at least three companies to provide a price. When it comes to creating a comparison between the prices, it is essential to ensure that everything has been included.

There are chances where the contractor may not include everything as per your needs due to a little more underhand and surreptitious reasons, or a genuine error or trouble resulting from sourcing the supplier price.

Ensure that you check through all the quotes to be sure that everything has been included or nothing has been added. Also, ensure that each contractor prices the items to the same specification.

The wrong contract

The commercial fit-out costs may increase because of choosing the wrong contract. Usually, this arises from managing the work progress and scheduling the payments to become a full-time job, which ends up diverting attention from the day to day tasks or resulting to the need of hiring a costly project manager or external Quantity Surveyor to minimise the risk.

To avoid this, you need to choose the best contractor working as per the standards of the industry. The most recommended in this case is the lump sum contract. This entails the process where the contractor prices to complete all the architect drawings’ work for a set price. Any other task is priced separately as an added one.


Indecision is another common issue that leads to an increase in the commercial fit out costs. If you’re not in a position of deciding on the preferred design option, you’ll end incurring higher costs. Usually, this shortens the agreed delivery times, which end up narrowing the scope necessary for sourcing a good price.

To avoid this, you need to plan in time to finalise the designs from the outset. It is essential to listen to the advice from your contractor and canvas various respected opinions. Also, you need to avoid the design features and styles that are not on-trend.

Poor decision choices

Usually, the design issues can include a shoddy space planning, poor layout or host other issues because of a poor design.

To avoid this, you need to make sure that you’re not forcing the designers to succumb to your desires and whim. If an interior designer or architect advises against x, it is essential because of a certain reason.


You’re likely to increase commercial fit-out costs if you buy expensive and too robust features and equipment for an intended purpose.

To avoid this, you need to seek advice from your suppliers and contractor about the main use of your finishes and furniture. Through this, you can realise some saving opportunities, and you can spend your budget on other areas.

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