Fire Extinguisher Testing

Having a fire extinguisher in your home is necessary. This is because in case of a fire, a fire extinguisher can actually help douse off a small fire. However, despite being one of the most important safety equipment in a home it could also be one which is least thought about and easily forgotten. This is because it’s something which is not used on a regular basis, home owners simply forget about it all the time. However, in order to protect the life of your loved ones its necessary to carry out yearly checks on the fire extinguishers in your homes.

If there is no proper maintenance of the fire extinguisher in your home, it may not work properly and might not come in handy when required. According to the suggestions made by a fire protection association, all extinguishers should undergo yearly checks.

For proper inspections it is necessary to call in fire extinguisher testing services in Brisbane. Although fire extinguishers are pretty durable and an annual check won’t present any problems but if there is a maintenance issue or if a certain part need to be replaced, it must be done on an immediate basis without further delays.

In case you notice any leakage or dents on your fire extinguisher it is wise to get it checked immediately. You would have to call in professionals who would assess the apparatus both visually and also carry out the necessary checks.

Hydro testing

Fire extinguishers which are more than a decade old would need to undergo hydro testing. The hydro tests ensures that there are no leaks or breakage in the fire extinguisher both on the outside as well as on the inside. These cracks or dents in the fire extinguishers should be a cause of concern because these might actually be the reason the apparatus would malfunction when it is used during an emergency. This is not only dangerous but can actually be a cause of concern in itself as well.

If there is a need to replace the old extinguisher it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Buying a new extinguisher is much better then lugging around one which won’t work if and when the need arises.

If the team discovers the fire extinguisher is low on pressure, they might recharge it. However if you notice the fire extinguisher looking discharged it’s time to call in the professionals. They are the ones who would ensure that the extinguisher is fully charged.

Also make sure that there is a twenty four seven fire extinguisher service available. Sometimes a simple ignorance of the matter could become the matter of life and death. Therefore it is necessary to have yearly inspections and also monthly inspections done by yourself. Any time you notice something is not quite right, make sure you call in the emergency services.

Even if the fire extinguisher is only a few mls short of pressure, it could result in a faulty operation. So be smart and call in fire extinguisher testing in Brisbane.