Towing options for trailers in the Gold Coast

Towing refers to putting two object together so one of these can be pulled off. The source of towing could either be manualormotorized.t all depends upon the dimension and the kind of object which requires towing. The two objects can be joined by either a chain or a rope. Other equipment can be used to join the two together as well. A hitch is a common equipment used to tow trailers to moving cars.

Towing can be simplistic like a tree being towed off by a tractor. A tow truck can also be used to carry immobile vehicles or vehicles which have been in an accident and are unable to move on their own.

The following are the different kind of trailers and the towing equipment which is used for each of these:

  • Small trailers which can be easily towed by cars or mini trucks. Enclosed trailers are covered on all four sides. These are either used to carry livestock. Most of the time these are rented for the purpose of moving furniture or other heavy equipment.
  • Boat trailers are mostly used for towing boats only. These need not be enclosed on all four sides and may simply comprise of a single platform on which the boat is mounted. The basic purpose of these trailers is an easy loading capacity. However boating trailers have their own special category and are used for this specific purpose only.
  • Recreational vehicle trailers. As the name suggests these are used specifically for the purpose of camping and other leisure activities. Such trailers carry RV homes which can be used for different reasons. There has been a shift onwards any people shifting into trailer homes for a more economical living option. These trailers comprise of generators and other basic utilities as well. Plus these are designed specifically for comfort. RV trailers are also known as caravans in different countries.
  • Tank trailers are sued to carry tanks filled with milks and are basically used for agricultural purposes only. On the other hand tank trailers might also be used to carry oil and petrol from the depot to the stations.
  • Container trailers are used to carry large containers and are equipped with a dolly or a wheel truck. These are used for carrying stacked on boxes to ships or rail roads.
  • Trailers for specialized purposes like carrying farm tractors from one place to another or trailers which act as personal carriers.

When towing all the vehicles it’s important to keep in mind the towing safety. It should be ensured that there is no extra load on the towing vehicle and the hitch used for the purpose has the right weight load. Inefficient tongue load on the hitch can cause the trailer to sway from one place to another and could be a major safety concern.

There are different kind of hitches available to carry different trailers. Hitches which are commonly used comprise of two bars, three point and fifth wheel. There are other kind available as well. Allcoast Towing are located in Gold Coast. Call them to know the best towing option for your needs.



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