A Boat Sales Guideline

Perhaps one of the best ways to create memorable trips with friends and family is to embark on outdoor adventures. And one of the best outdoor adventures to enjoy is to go boating.

While buying a boat is a big investment, it is always worth it when you get the best boat sales. Getting ready for your first boat sales is exciting, but knowing the best way to go about it is smarter.

Purchasing the first boat you see is avoided when you acquire some boat sales savvy. Some of the best boat sales guidelines include:


Purchasing a boat is a huge investment, even when you get a fantastic deal. While it’s fun to own a boat, being a responsible boat owner means being aware of the associated costs that come with it.

The first expense to face is the boat purchase. Will you have it financed or will you be paying in cash? Financing is usually the option for many people. When it comes to financing, three things to bear in mind:

  • A marine financing lender loans you the money to buy the boat
  • Financing is part of the arrangement with your boat dealer
  • A Bank loan

A car loan and a boat loan work on the same lines. Getting approved for a loan means that your job stability, debt-to-income ratio, homeownership stability, credit score, and net worth are the factors that will be considered by the lenders. However, a down payment has to be paid even with financing. Other expenses to bear in mind in addition to monthly loan payments include:

  • Insurance premiums depend on factors such as your location, boat type, and the condition and age of your boat.
  • Dry docking costs have to be considered when you want optimum performance from your boat. While this is an optional expense, storing your boat out of water means paying space for it.
  • Maintenance of the boat is a must. Detailing, cleaning, washing, and servicing are maintenance expenses that have to be included in the budget.
  • Storage during the winter season is an important expense to think about. Boat size and location determine the storage rate.
  • Gas prices are more expensive when using a boat than a car. However, the cost can vary depending on the destination and speed.

Pre-owned or New Boat

The top benefit of buying a new boat is its pristine condition. Being the first owner means that no one has ever used it. You also stand to gain the latest boat design, technology, and motor. The warranty that comes with it means that repairs will not come out of your pocket when malfunctions happen.

Pre-owned boats offer a limited selection. Most of them are older models that need further research on their viability. However, they are the best option when you want to save a bit of money.


Like everything else, size matters also in boats. The overall price is affected by boat size. Choosing the right boat size requires the following considerations:

  • The number of expected passengers
  • The intent of use
  • The amount of time you will stay on the boat
  • The places you want to use the boat

Buying the wrong boat size is always the experience of first-time boat owners. Professional opinion from a trusted boat dealer will help.

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