Simple tips to help you maintain your commercial glass washer

As a restaurant business owner, you want to ensure all your appliances and glassware are in good condition. It is essential to maintain a clean and professional appearance for your establishment. On the other hand, if the glass washer malfunctions, it can lead to dirty glasses and unhappy customers. The following are a few tips to help you maintain the commercial gas washer and ensure its longevity.

Regularly clean your commercial glass washer

Cleaning your commercial glasswasher regularly is the most crucial step to maintaining it. It would be best to clean the machines and the conveyor belt where the glasses are placed. Use a clean wash cloth and a mild detergent to clean the exterior and the interior surfaces. Always pay special attention to areas where the water in soap is dispensed, which will likely be clogged and cause further problems. When loading the glasses, it is essential to ensure they are adequately rinsed to prevent any leftover debris from clogging the machine.

Keep an eye on the water quality used in the commercial glass washer

The water that is used in the glass for sure will have an impact on its performance. For example, if you have hard water in your establishment, it can leave you a deposit on the glasses and will clog the machine. It should be prevented, and a water filtration system must be installed to get rid of the hard minerals. You will also have to check the water temperature and pressure. The ideal temperature to clean the glasses is usually between 140 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Inspect the commercial glass washer regularly

A commercial glass washer is also prone to everyday wear, and you might need to, and you might need to get certain parts replaced. However, to avoid major problems, you must inspect the machine regularly and replace the damaged part as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for the belts, bumps and brushes. It is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines provided for routine maintenance. You can even call a professional to help clean the moving parts or replace philtres when necessary.

Provide proper training to your staff

The staff in your kitchen must be trained to handle all sorts of appliances. A commercial gas washer is expensive, and you must ensure the team can load the glasses correctly. They should be able to clean the glass washer and maintain it properly. It is essential to designate at least one person to check the machine daily and report problems to the management. It will help ensure that any problems are caught early on, preventing them from turning into significant issues.

If you want to ensure your glass washer’s longevity, you must maintain your commercial glass washer. Ensure you can always provide your customers with clean and streak-free glasses. If you take proper care of your commercial glass washer, you can extend its lifespan and save money on expensive repairs.

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